Disclaimer/Warm Up: good mornings, butt kickers, jumping jacks, arm circles

The Thang:

UNO cards were drawn from a deck (not complete chance 😊), and each UNO card corresponded to an exercise: number cards were resistance band exercises (number on card +10), action cards were cardio exercises, and all cards with 0 were ab exercises.


Lateral Pulls (blue number cards): 123

Bicep Curls (red number cards): 101

Banded Squats (green number cards): 87

Toe Touches (yellow number cards): 87


Plank Jacks (reverse cards): 40

Mountain Climbers (skip cards): 40

Wonder Woman (draw 2 cards): 40

Burpees (draw 4 cards): 15

Jog Around the Pickle (wild cards) 3 times


American Hammers (red 0): 15

Flutter Kicks (blue 0): 15

LBCs (green 0): 15

Ankle Biters (yellow 0): 15