Disclaimer – Shout out to South Charlotte for the WO inspiration 

Warm Up:

Windmills, slow butt kickers, slow high knees, arm circles

5 pushups, 5 Big girl sit ups, 5 squats, and 5 burpees 


Start at one end of lot – run to end of parking spaces

5 jump squats

Run back

5 jump squats

That’s 1 rep

Repeat for a total of 5 reps


Jump Rope/Squat Ladder:

100 jump rope – 10 squats 

90 jump rope – 9 squats

80 jump rope – 8 squats



Break for arms

1.Plank, band around wrists, alternating lateral taps

2.Seated lat pulldown, band around wrists above head, pull down behind head

3.Band around wrists behind back, in & out

4.Loop w/ tension overhead, in/out small movements as you lower arms to shoulder height and back up again

5.Party tray band around wrists, keep tension, palms up lift arms to chest level, then lower

Resume jump rope/squat ladder

50 jump rope – 5 squats





Repeat arm sequence

Band around ankles for side steps and monster walks the length of the parking spaces and back

Q decided to incorporate some FiA Olympics training.  So, we did a 1 min wall sit.  Then, we shook it out and did it again – this time holding it for as long as possible. Two of us were still holding it over 4 minutes later, and decided to stop so we could get abs in.


1 min slow drunken mtn climbers; rinse and repeat

COT “Your problems adjust to their true level of importance after a hard workout and a good night of sleep” – James Clear