Rhythmic Warm Up to Masterpiece

The Obstacle Course–> 2 teams

Rolling Scooters through the cones and back to start line.  Run to the Hula Hoops for Quick Feet.  Run to bean bags for Bean Bag Toss.  Once you get the bean bag in the bucket, pull out one exercise and do that exercise.  Proceed to “Jump the River”.  Pick up a rock and carry overhead to the cone and back.  Sprint to the Finish Line.

Run to the Field.

3 people at a time.  100 Meter Sprint!  We had some FAST ladies!

Once we were done with that, we had our Bear Crawl and Crab Walk Race!  WOW!

Rock Press–>  Grab a rock and lift it overhead as many times as you can in 3 minutes.

Run back to the parking lot for Abs and Medal Ceremony.

We had an FNG–> Jump Shot!  Welcome!

Name o Rama



Post Olympic Games snacks and drinks!

Great job ladies!  What an amazing turnout!  Thank you for coming and be sure to come this week for more fun Olympic events.  Bring a friend!

:trophy:Winners of todays events:trophy:
Bear Crawl race: @Zeppelin
Crab Walk race: @BonVoyage
Most OH Press w/Rock: tie- @Wilson & @Pandora:first_place_medal:Multiple 100 m Sprint Obstacle Course including Hula Hoop Quick Feet participants + winners:first_place_medal: