Warmup: Good mornings, butt kickers, arm circles, phelps. Various exercises around the pickle including grapevine, skipping, shuffles, and jogging.

The Thang: 

Prior to the workout, the Q created a bracket, similar to a March Madness basketball style bracket, with 32 exercises. There was one group of 8 arm exercises, one group of 8 ab exercises, one group of 8 cardio exercises, and one group of 8 leg exercises. The pax took turns shooting a hoop. If they made the basket, the pax all did 10 reps of the exercise on the top line, but if they missed the basket, the pax did 10 reps of the exercise on the bottom line. Reps increased in increments of 5 as exercises progressed through the bracket challenge (10, 15, 20, 25, 30) until there was one exercise left (the “winner”).

Reps completed (hard count) of each exercise (added together): 


Tricep Kickbacks: 10

Pushups: 25

Front Raises: 10

Side Raises: 100

Curls: 35 (extra at the end)


V-Ups: 10

Dead Bugs: 45

Ankle Biters: 10

American Hammers: 25


Mountain Climbers: 25

Jump Rope: 10

Squat Jumps: 70

High Knees: 10


Lunges: 10

Monkey Humpers: 55

Narrow Squats: 25

Fire Hydrants: 10