On December 1st, we opened up the first box of our dogs Advent Calendar… yes they sell them for dogs at Costco!!   Also for beer and wine  for the human species!!!    So I decided to make my own Fia Advent Calendar.    Thanks to my daughter Dabbler for numbering(decorating)  the exercises that I had written down on the poster board.  I wanted to be  surprised too.

Warmup – JJ, Happy Afternoons, High knees,  runners stretch, arm circles, phelps and probably other things that I don’t remember.

The Thang:

Reveal 2 exercises at a time ( in numerical order).   Do each exercise for 45 seconds with no break in between.  Repeat  then rest as we reveal the next 2 exercises.  I knew we would be tight on time and we finished with 19/20.      We used weights on the lower body exercises.

These are the 24 exercises on the calendar.  In no particular order..

  1. Squat
  2. squat jump
  3. Dorothy
  4. run the pickle
  5. run the pickle. ( yes 2 of these – not timed just run and then do the next exercise)
  6. burpees
  7. sparky crabs
  8. tricep dips
  9. hallelujahs
  10. pushups
  11. skaters
  12. curtsey lunges
  13. sumo squats
  14. deadlift. ( was Bulgarian squat but we were in the middle of the parking lot so modified)
  15. single leg deadlift   ( Pistol squat)
  16. lateral lunge
  17. Big Girl Situps
  18. Jumping Jacks
  19. Glute Bridges
  20. Carolina Drydocks
  21. Inch worms
  22. Calf Raises
  23.  lunge
  24. Monkey Humper

Thanks ladies for joining me …. until next time