Disclaimer I am not a professional, modify as needed and keep your CoVid distance apart 🙂

A Fabulous warm-up was done by Full back!


Route 66- Start with one rep and add one additional rep until you reach 66 reps total- 1 rep 1st exervies, 2 reps 2nd exercise, 3 reps third exercise, 4 reps Fourth exercise working your way up to 11 reps for 66 reps total (of all 4 exercises). We counted off by 4 to stagger our starts at different corners.

Alternate with 4 different exercises 4 corners of Obstacle course with lunges, jogging or fast side hopping along the sides to reach the next corner.


  1. “Raggedy Anns”: in Sumo squat position move side to side (like hill billy) but arms straight reaching 
  2. “Manmaker”: similar to burpee- Standing to plank position, one arm row, push-up, other arm row, pushup return to standing and jump
  3. Bulgarian split squat hard count
  4. “Chair Pose” squat with arms overhead holding towel or not


2nd Round

  1. Side hops R/L
  2. Pushups
  3. Tricep dips
  4. Side plank leg lifts (bottom knee flexed or straight)


3rd round

  1.  Jump Shots
  2. Monkey humper
  3. “TYW” on stomach
  4. Dive Bombers

We ended with our weekly challenge of 21 full sit ups, some Pilates/core moves including press-ups (x 10), supermans (x 20 hard count), stomach butt kicks with shoulder extension hands clasped (x 10 ), cat/camel, child’s pose, downward dog and your choice stretches as we named our 3 new FNG. Welcome Tillamook, Pearl and Goldfish! Are numbers are growing as the day gets longer and the temperatures go back up!