Warm-up: We did a yoga vinyasa flow yoga followed by 15 jumping jacks, toy and toy soldiers 

The Thang: This work out was all things Fall!  Even though it was Fall it was still warm and we were all sweaty at the end.

We visited Six Fall themed stations. Going through the stations three times, laddering up and down 10, 15, and 10 reps respectively.

First- start at top of Hill, do Tuck jumps to represent “jumping in leaves”.  Start with 10 and each visit to this spot add one 5 more

Second- run/jog down hill to represent the black Friday door dashes!

Third- Visit the Triangle path area and perform each side with a different exercise ( squat shuffle, Karaoke and lunge walking) This station worked out our football playing and corn maze walking days. 

Fourth-  grab 2 light rocks and “turkey” your arms- alternate arms out to the side with elbows bent with overhead press to top of hill

Do a mini Turkey Trot, run or walk/jog up hill. 

Fifth- Push Up station, start with 10 and each visit to this station to represent “Bobbing for apples” DO 10 standard, 10 incline, 10 decline)

Sixth- Hunter pointer Dog poses: Keeping back stable/Belly in alternate arm/leg hard count 10 each side, then “Hydrants” hard count 10

Rinse and Repeat x 2