A beautiful evening to do some fall cleaning!


Yoga Warmup vinaysa

upward dog/downward dog/ Warrior 1/2/reverse warrior/triangle pose/3 legged dog

Butt kickers, toy soldiers, arm circles (large) clockwise/counterclockwise while standing on 1 leg


Started by running the pickle moseying over to the Obstacle for a Dora after partnering up

One partner performing the DORA while the other ran the circumference of the O course with a regular jog on one long side/fast side stepping jog on the short ends and fast feet on the grid of the O Course for the other long side of rectangle

The other partner meanwhile was performing:

100 crab dips (tricep extension) with hip thrust

200 jump squats

300 overhead claps


Then we used the O course grid marks taking turns with our partner to ” vacuum”- as F3 calls it. Hold legs of partner in a wheel barrow position while they walk forward with their hands 2 spaces, perform a pushup then walk backwards on their hands. Then switch partners until you both do 5 reps increasing your distance by one hash mark each time. Modification : Bear crawl style

They we super setted on the O course with Bulgarian squats, Down unders, and tricep dips for 30 hard count total of each.

We finished with some ABs: heels to Heaven (30 slow), full setups/ww2 ( 10 slow) and swimmers (40)

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts” – Winston Churchill