Warm Up: 5 Good Mornings, 10 Toy Soldiers, Run the Pickle

The Thang:

2 Rounds: 1 min each exercise

  1. Squat to Overhead Press
  2. Staggered Dead Lift to Bicep Curl
  3. Lateral Lunge with Upright Row
  4. Triceps Extension with Hip Thrust
  5. Calf Raise
  6. Walk in/Walk out Bridge (with weight)
  7. Pogo Jumps (cardio)
  8. Reach Jacks (cardio)
  9. High Knees (cardio)

ABS: 1 min each exercise

  1. Wood Chop (Right)
  2. Wood Chop (Left)
  3. Overhead dumbbell Side Bend (Right)
  4. Overhead dumbbell Side Bend (Left)
  5. Kick Crunch (Right)
  6. Kick Crunch (Left)
  7. Row with Twist (Right)
  8. Row with Twist (Left)
  9. Overhead Circle
  10. Dumbbell Side Bend (Right)
  11. Dumbbell Side Bend (Left)

Finished off with some of Wilson’s famous Butt Busters

Thanks for joining this morning. Have a wonderful Friday!!