Disclaimer I am not a professional. Maintain 6 feet apart. Modify as needed. 

Today we are going to do 50 reps of five exercises for back, legs, arms and core.  (well we didn’t make it to the last set!)Emphasis on technique and using the most resistant band possible. We will cycle through 25 reps of each x 2 sets at times and sometimes just do 50 in a row but always a total of Fabulous 50!


a lap around the pickle followed by some Yoga Vinaysa, good mornings, arm circles, Phelps and toy soldiers.


  1. Side lying abduction
  2. Side lying forward / backward
  3. Clamshell
  4. 90/90 – circle band on feet shoulder width alternating flex/extend hips
  5. Side lying leg circles 


  1. Wide squat with overhead press (use two bands if needed/not long enough for one)
  2. Lawn mower pull right
  3. Lawn mower pull left
  4. Squat feet together with bicep curl
  5. PNF pattern R/L with circle band or cord Abduction with external rotation 


  1. Push up with resistance (or not) or do on knees with resistance
  2. Bridge with band around upper thigh for combo abduction
  3. “Scissors” on back with loop band around each leg
  4. “ Swimmers” with loop band around ankles
  5. Side lunge to Right with arm raise to the Right/Side lunge to Left with arm raise to the Left

Two quotes to end by “ The Secret, Alice is to surround yourself with people who make your heart smile. It’s then, only then, that you’ll find Wonderland.” Lewis Carroll


A poem to live by: (by Topher Kearby)

Fall in love with life again. Wake yourself up. Shake your days up. Remind yourself why you are here. 

What drives you? What makes your spirit tremble with excitement?

Go after that thing. Pursue it with passion and joy. Wrap your dreams around the hope for a better future. And then make those dreams a reality, your reality. Fall in love with life,     again.

Thank-you ladies! So great with you all around to gain some Respect!!