Dynamic warmup as we travelled around the parking lot to the bottom of the stairs.   Toy Soldiers , Open/ Close Gates,  Moving Inchworms, High Knees, Butt Kickers, Arm Circles , Chasse

The Thang:

 1) Triple Nickels at the Stairs

  Bottom: Plank to   opposite hand to foot

 Top: Tricep Dip to Sparky Crab

2) Leaps through the Tunnel

3) 2 minute Wall sit on other side of tunnel ( 30 sec each)

  • regular wall sit
  • clam shell
  • marching
  • heel raises

4) Run 1 minute along path  then stop to do 5 exercises.  ( 4x  – turn around after 2nd time)

  1. Blastoff Pushup  (5x)
  2. Curtsy  with lateral knee to elbow ( 5x HC)
  3. 180 jump squat ( 5xHC)
  4. Pendulum Lunge  (5xHC)
  5. Tricep Pushup on railing   10x   ( when at rock pile, do bicep curls)

5) Bear crawl back through tunnel  – run back up stairs to get our mats

Cool down with several glute and hip stretches..

Name-o-rama and COT