Gave disclaimer

Warm up- Phelps, Arm circles, good mornings, toy soldiers

Thang: EMOM 10 exercises with 20 second rest (Walkman got a tabata app!) Complete circuit twice

1- band around thighs 1/2 burpee pick up 1 weight cross over body over head

2- band around thighs squat with overhead press then put weights down step back criss cross legs twice

3- band around calf in plank position pick up 1 weight over shoulder to side plank then back down then raise one leg (repeat other side)

4- band around thigh while bicep curling with weights bring one leg up to high knee repeat

5- band around ankle/calf stand in front of a wall for support life one leg at a time to work hamstrings

6- band around thigh weights in hands arms 90degree angle complete skaters while holding weights

7- band around thigh on all 4 complete donkey kick then fire hydrant switch to other side repeat

8- band around thigh on back complete bridges

9- band around thigh left leg clam shell

10- band around thigh right leg clam shell

ABS 1 minute each- band around thigh shoulder taps, band around thigh slow mountain climbers, holding weights LBCs, holding weight with feet lay on back bring knees to chest and back out straight hover above the ground

COT- Crisco