Warm up

Inch worms, squat hip opener, lunging soldier (front kick)

Dumbbell EMOM- 2x through each 1 minute rest between


30 Deadlift – Bent knees

30 Front Squat

30 Push Press

20 V Sit up – no weight (one leg mod)



20 Snatch  1 weight alternate arms

20 Sumo Clean and press

30 Jump squat no weight

20 Reverse lunge 



20 Chest Press

20 Front Facing Hop Over

30 Stiff leg DL – 1 weight

20 DB situp – 1 weight



20 One arm Pendlay Row (Hinged at hip, 1 weight on ground, row) bent over row mod

30 DB Swing 

11 Burpee with renegade row

40 sec Plank Hold


Weighted Core: “Weekend Abs”

 20 Reps 3 Sets (if time)


Opposite hand to foot (modification- leave leg up or move it down for harder)

Hold the weight in both hands, and do bicycles touching elbows to knees.

Side plank twists (modification- no twist, concentrate on keeping good form while moving the weight up and down in a straight line.


COT: Alignment training and Freeze Practice

What are you thinking?

What are you feeling?

What are you doing?
Is what you are doing helping you live the way you aspire to live.