Election Day Q

Jog up two levels of parking garage

Circle up for stretches – good mornings, jumping jacks , arm circles (forward back overhead seal claps),

Go down to fountain


Pick 4 different stations: Lower Body, Upper Body, Abs, Cardio.  Do 2 exercises 1x each then go to next station. Repeat 2x. Then pick 2 different exercises for each station and repeat again 2x


  1. Upper Body – fountain
  • Durkins (feet on fountain) /Urkins (hands on Fountain)/Merkins on fountain
  • Dips off fountain
  • burpees
  • Superman pulses (lay on ground)
  1. Legs- art museum
  • Lunge Lunge Push-up up small The RAMP (Lt dans)
  • Fast feet on a curb
  • Squat jump touch ground
  • Alternating lunges (10) then single leg pulses (more) and hold with arms up (each leg)

Abs- stage area

-pike  Up Progression Pyramid with down dog (downward dog, plank, pike up 1,2,to 10)

  • American hammers
  • 100s- hold feet 6inches (I count 1-9), you count 10s until 100
  • Spell America with your feet or mountain climbers
  1. Cardio- stairwell

Stairwell suicide – go as far you can

Repeat same


Welcome FNG- WuShock !