The warm sticky weather was perfect for performed our FIA national Olympic event of 3 minutes worth of Froggers! Kudos to Daisy who came in with a spectular effort and 100 reps!



Olympic Theme- 2 events Frogger – total number of plank to frogger position in 3 minutes and “javelin throw “ with pool noodle


Warmup- jumping jacks, toy soldiers,  hip flexor stretch in ½ kneeling with side stretch/arm circles, vinyasa (downward dog, chaturanga, upward dog), butt kickers


Olympic Trivia- Your answer that you want to say will determine what exercise you will do. You will do 1minute of the exercise total or 41 reps. 

1.What year was the first modern olympics held in?

    1. 1901-jumping jacks
  • 1896-skaters
  1. What city were the first modern era Olympics held in?

     A.Athens-cross punch

  1. Rome-uppercut punch
  2. How often are the Summer Olympics held?
    1. Every 2 years-fast feet(5each foot)then 90 degree hop
  • Every 4 years-lateral hop side to side
  1. In ancient Olympic games what did the winner receive?
    1. Medals – jump Rope
  • Olive Branch Wreath- high knees
  1. What do the 5 Olympic Rings symbolize?
  1. 5 Continents- Tricep dips
  2. THe 5 original countries- Sparky Crabs
  1. Why were the 5 colors chosen for the olympic rings?
  1. The colors of the countries flags-supermans
  2. The colors that symbolize peace-Flutter kicks
  1. What country has won the most Olympic Gold medals?
  1. USA- burpees 1022, next is Germany 428
  2. China Calf raises
  1. What is the only country to have at least one gold medal in every summer Olympic games?
  1. USA- plank to and from forearms
  2. Great Britain– Seal Jacks
  1. Why were there no Olympic games in 1916, 1940 and 1944?
  1. Wars-Shoulder Taps
  2. Pandemics- pushups
  1. Where are the 2022 Winter Olympic Games?
  1. Beijing-heel biters
  2. Paris-Bicycles
  1. During the inaugural modern day Olympic games, women were not allowed to participate. One woman, Stamata Revithi, participated in an unofficial event at the games, what was it?
  • Marathon-jog 
  1. 1 mile run-karaoke 
  1. In 1036 Jesse Owens stared down the face of adversity during the Hitler run  summer games in Germany. How many gold medals did he win?
    1. 2-lunges
  • 4-squats
  1. Inwhat Olympics were electronic timing devices used for the first time?
  • 1912-hold reverse plank
  1. 1924-hold plank
  1. What US City hosted the first modern Olympic Games?
    1. Chicago-Bridges
  • St. Louis-J. Lo’s
  1. In what year did baseball receive the official event status in the Olympic Games?
    1. 1980-monkey humpers
  • 1992-narrow squats with arms overhead
  1. What athlete holds the record of winning the most Olympic Medals?
    1. Mark Spitz-11 prone breast stroke
  • Michael Phelps-28 swimmers
  1. In which Olympic games did the torch relay start for the first time?
    1. Berlin 1936-Hallelujahs
  • London England 1948-arm circles
  1. In what year did the winter Olympic games take place in a separate year from the summer games?
  • 1994- Lillehammer, Norway-LBC’s
  1. 1992-Albertville, France-Double leg lowers