Warm Up: Mosey to top of parking deck for warm ups

10 Good mornings OYO, Circle up in squat position, shuffle right 1,2,3,4 toy soldier x 4, shuffle left 1,2,3,4 toy soldier x 4, repeat with windmills, 

arm circles forward/backward IC; 10 inchworms OYO


The Thang:

It’s an Easter surprise! Easter eggs with 5 Jellybeans inside. Q used randomizer app to group jellybean colors so every egg had a unique set of 5 colors. Each jellybean color is assigned an exercise

Pax picks an egg and as a group completes the 5 exercises together. 

Run down and back 1 level; after 5 we ran the stairs – 7 flights down and back up

Rinse and repeat with a different egg, until all eggs are complete or time

Q promised the Pax that not all eggs had a black jelly bean, but every Pax picked the eggs with the black jelly bean!  7 Pax, 70 burpees! Yellow and Purple were popular also

Jellybean Exercise

Black 10 Burpees

Pink 15 Push Ups

White 20 Monkey Humpers

Green 25 Squats

Yellow 30 Tricep Dips

Purple 35 Hillbillies EC

Red 40 Jumping Jacks

Orange 45 LBC’s

Pax completed 7 rounds!

Glutes – 1 min 4 sec rounds glute bridge, fire hydrants L/R

COT: We had a few sprinkles move thru during our workout. Mary Lou said “It’s April showers bringing May flowers”… which fit perfectly with Q’s COT: Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds