We warmed up on our mats with cat/cow, world’s greatest stretch, arm circles, phelps and hip openers.  Then took a jog around the soccer field alternating forward, backward and side shuffles.

The Thang:  Our exercises spelled out Happy Thanksgiving and learned quite a few new exercises from the Lexicon. We did 23 reps since Thanksgiving will be on the 23rd this year (unless noted otherwise).

High knees 23 (HC)

Armageddon – 23 small arm circles fwd, bkwd, large arm circles fwd, bkwd, push the water fwd, bkwd and hallelujahs

Pretzel crunch 23 (HC)

Prayer squat 23 (HC)

Y What does the fox saY ( LBCs during lyrics, bicycles during chorus)



Happy Jacks (Jumping Jacks in cadence, after 5 , do 2 jump squats. Completed until 23)

Around the World 23 (fwd lunge right leg, side lunge right leg, squats, back lunge right leg, back lunge left leg, squats, side lunges left, fwd lunge left)

Narwahls 23 (HC)

Kiss the Baby 23

Superwomans 23

Gun Show 23 (HC) (one arm extended, other overhead press)

Imperial Walkers 23 (HC)

V up 23

Inchworm (10 since we were running short on time)

Narrow Squats 23

Goblet Squats 23

Thanks for joining me and hope you all have a great holiday!