It was no secret to most when I posted that we were going to my 2 favorite places in the park for our workout. After the disclaimer and a warm up, we were on the move.

Stop 1 

  •  Jog to the stairs for 7s.
  • Top of stairs – Dorothys (make sure you get that squat in)
  • Bottom of stairs – Walk out to inchworm, frogger, walk back to feet and stand.

On the way to Stop 2 ,  we skipped, jogged and did high knees to the dock area.  Here is where we took a breather as we watched a mother duck and her 4 ducklings.  Bon Voyage came to the rescue to help the ducklings get back to their mother.

Stop 2

5 exercises count of 15 then run pickle . Repeat on other leg

  1. Step up with knee and reverse lunge
  2. Single leg tricep dips
  3. Side step up with lateral leg raise
  4. Pushup with side plank
  5. Eccentric step downs

Jog and side shuffle back to senior center with a detour to the trail to change things up.  Back at the parking lot, we did a few minutes of abs.

  • 30 sec -LBC
  • 30 sec -reverse crunches
  • 15 sec -hold with elbows to knees
  • 30 sec – keep elbows at knees.  Slowly Alternate straightening each leg
  • 30 sec – slow bicycle.  left elbow to right knee, both elbow touch knees, right elbow to left knee

5 rounds –

  • single leg V up right
  • single leg V up left
  • V Up
  • After all 5, flutter kick for 20

Thanks going me ladies..