Welcome to day 2 of Granolathon (what I’m calling my accidental sign up of 3 Qs in a row)!

Warm Up: Jog to the Chamber of Commerce building in downtown Apex.

The Thang:

  • DORA:
    • 100 Tricep Dips
    • 200 Step Ups (EC)
    • 300 squats (EC) using wall/stairs
    • 200 v-ups
    • 100 Incline Push-ups
    • 200 LBCs

Most groups got through the majority of the incline push-ups (some made it to LBCs) before it was time to travel back to Hunter Park for Name-O-Rama.

There was lots of grumbling, layers being peeled off, and modifications being applied. All signs of a good tough workout! Great job ladies, and thanks for joining me!