Warm Up was to Christmas Eve Sarajevo (all legs!)

Down the Christmas Tree

**Please see attached pic of Christmas Tree**

Start with 5 Burpees then run 1 lap.  Flipped a coin; if heads, we start at the top of the tree and then add on the next exercise.  If tails, go straight to the next exercise.  Run a lap in between each addition to the tree.

We never made it to the AMRAP at the end.

Finished with Passing the Presents:

All Pax got in a circle (backs facing inside the circle).  we held hollow hold while passing a ball around the circle.  Changed directions multiple times.

Then we faced inside the circle.  Pax with the ball did a Big Girl Sit Up then passed to another Pax who did a BGSU.

Name o Rama

Named FNG, Kelly, or now Phuck