Started with a kick boxing warm up before heading into our first triple nickle

5 Hand release burpees – run the stairs to the top of the deck – 5 HC lunges straight into standing crunch, 5x 

Next triple nickle ran out of the garage to the hill

5 HC SL RDL into curtsy squat – run the hill – 5 HC single-leg down dog with alternating hip taps, 5x 

We ran out of time for our last triple nickle so headed back to our mats to do some arms/core

Grabbed our cans to do 20 kneeling thrusters with shoulder combo, Half-kneeling passing the cans 10x each knee, single-leg balance can lifts 20x each leg, and finished with some hallelujahs and name-o-rama.  Thanks for joining me this morning!