On April 22  I turned 55.  Who wants to do 55 of any exercise???!!  So I came up with a plan –  birthdate 22nd , age 55, birth year 66.  So i thought i would somehow use the double digits in my workout  11,22,33,44,55,66. Starting with the warmup


1 exercise 10 times –

  • inchworm to a runners lunge twist  – walk hands back..     5 on each leg

High Knees, Butt kickers , skips and jog to our first location. (benches on top of hill)

The Thang;

2 exercises 20 times each.

  • pistol squat – R
  • pistol squat – L

Thought there were benches on the other end up hilltop trail . but I was mistaken..  So we stayed where we were..

3 exercises 30 times each

  • single leg tricep dip ( 15 on each leg)
  • Hand release pushups from bench
  • Hip thrust with shoulders on bench

Longer run than planned over to the stairs.

4 exercises 40 times each – After each 40, run up (or down) the stairs.

  • curtsey lunge
  • squat
  • plie on toes
  • lateral lunge to knee drive ( 20 on each leg)

Run to the open field

5 cardio exercises 50 secs each ( 10 sec rest)

  • Skaters
  • burpee
  • 180 jump squat
  • Jumping jacks
  • Jump lunges

We caught our breath as we walked to the hill. Bear crawl up and jog to the community center.

6 exercises  60 times  each( or 60 seconds)

  • lunges
  • wall sit ( secs)
  • MC
  • plank ( secs)
  • monkey humpers
  • Plank shoulder tap/ bear shoulder tap  ( secs)

Jog back to senior center for our last cardio burst

5 exercises 50 secs each ( 10 sec rest)

  • right knee repeater – elbow to knee
  • left knee repeater  – elbow to knee
  • burpees
  • right leg reverse lunge/knee drive/reverse lunge/ kick
  • left leg reverse lunge/ knee drive/ reverse lunge/ kick

My plan to was reverse down the pyramid but time was up.  I guess stopping at 55 was appropriate.

We ended some stretches and talked with our new FNG.  Welcome Dos Equis (XX)

Announcements;  Monday is Never Miss a Monday in Fia Nation.  Please come out to one of our 2 workouts ( Walk this Way and NightCrawler) as we will be reporting our headcount to Fia Nation!    Bring a friend!

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As always, thanks for joining me.  Remember to Constantly Challenge yourself in whatever you do in life.  You will never know whats on the other side unless you try.!