Once again, I don’t know what we did for warm-up, but we then moved to the bottom of the stairs to start our Doras!

Dora#1 (run up the stairs, around and down the hill):

100 Jump Squats

200 Knee Drives (EC)

300 Hallelujahs

Then, we went to the tunnel and did the following before starting Dora #2:

  1. Crab walk sideways, stop at each post to do 2 (HC) sparky crabs
  2. Bear crawl sideways, stop at each post to do 3 blast-off push ups

Dora#2 (run up hill and down stairs):

100 Pushups

200 Side Lunges (EC)

300 Mountain Climbers (EC)

Then we walked back to the parking lot and grabbed our maps for some quick abs. We did 30 LBCs, 30 Russian Twist, 30 flutter kicks and then side plank hold. Thanks for joining me!