Warm-Up: 10 Good Mornings, 10 Toy Soldiers (CC), Arm Circles front and back, High Knees, Butt Kickers

The Thang:

Doracides: 4 cones spread out the length of the parking lot. We paired off. At home base we did 100 HC lunges, 200 squats, 300 calf raises and 400 curb kicks sharing the count with your partner. The runner ran to cone 1, did 1 burpee, back to home base, then to cone 2, did 2 burpees, back to home base, to cone 3 for 3 burpees, back to home base, then to cone 4 for 4 burpees and back to home base. Switch with your partner.

Dominoes: Round 1: PAX all started in right plank. First in line did 5 push-ups, then held high plank as the next PAX did 5 push-ups, and we continued the domino effect until all PAX did 5 pushups and were in high plank, then we worked our way back down the line.

Round 2: Repeat above in left plank.

Round 3: Start in reverse plank. 1st PAX did 5 dips, then help reverse plank as we went down the line and back.

We were running out of time, so did a quick 3 min. circuit of 30 seconds of each of the following:

Dead bugs, Carolina Dry docks, Super Man, dips, ankle biters and plank toe touches.

Ended with COT! Thanks so much for joining me for this humid morning!