Warm Up

The Thang:

Partnered up and each person decided which one was Partner A and Partner B.  Partner A ran first. (Walkers did shorter pickle, while runners did big pickle).  Partner B started with the stationary exercises, which were 100 Push Ups, 200 Big Girl Sit Ups, 300 Squats.  Those that were finished early did an extra lap and did 30 extra reps.

Next thing:

Started with 4 exercises; 10 reps of each.

Shoulder Taps




Then traveled to 1st cone and did 10 Tricep Dips using parking block.  Traveled to 2nd cone and did plank up downs (using the parking block).  Traveled to 3rd cone and did quick feet shuffle for 10 reps.  Traveled to 4th cone and did 10 Box Jumps.  Ran the rest of the way back to our mats.

For the remainder of time, we each got a parking block and did quick shuffles and jumps.  2 round of 30secs each.


Name o Rama