There was a lovely Juky breeze to start our Beatdown today.  Bon Voyage led the warm up followed by a Dora and some animalistic ground work.  Finished our morning with abs and stretching.  Just want to say thanks for being the awesome people you are so that I can be all over the place and still feel safe.

Warm Up:  you know…. good mornings, toy soldiers, arm circles, wide leg hip openers, quad stretches.

Then we mosied to the book drop bridge so that we could feel the breeze and avoid the crazy cars.

Thang 1: Dora 100 push ups, 200 bicycle crunches with chop, 300 5/5 squat/monkey jumpers.  Alternating with partner running up two levels in the garage.

Thang 2: You Animal.  This is a Bon Voyage special.  If you liked it you can check out my two favorite styles of functional bodyweight exercises.  Animal Flow or Movement Parallels  Life.

Mary: leg lifts with heels to heaven, and some other abs…can’t remember