We moseyed out of the parking lot for a walking warm up with lunge twist knee to chest, knee cradle, skips, side shuffles and then jogged the rest of the way to the stairs for a DORA ladder on the stairs:

50 dorothys
100 shoulder taps (HC)
200 skaters (HC)
300 quick jacks
200 hallelujahs
100 mountain climbers (HC)
50 donkey kicks

Then we slowly moseyed back to the parking lot to circle up for some Ring of fire:

Plank rotations – 5 pushups
Surrenders – 10 squats
Cross jacks  – 10 tricep dips
Prone WY – 10 carolina dry docks
Calf raises – 10 lunge jumps

Finished a little early with time for stretching and Name O Rama.  Thanks for kicking off the day with me!