The morning started off with a beautiful golden moon peeking out from behind the clouds.  I gave the disclaimer and started warming up.  We did some good mornings, toy soldiers, butt kickers, high knees and some runners lunges.   Then we started the Dora

100 pull aparts (elbows by sides, pulling the band) -> lateral walk
200 bridge clams -> monster walk
300 standing side crunch (standing on band) -> backward monster walk
200 bentover rows -> lunge walk
100 pull across chest -> lateral walk

After the Dora we had enough time for 1 round of the cardio/ab work: 50 chase the rabbit, 50 knee repeaters (HC), 50 plank jacks, 50 single leg jump rope hops (HC)

Finished with name o rama then got to see the beautiful sunrise on the way home! Thankful for such a good start to the morning!