I’ve been here, there and everywhere recently and so it was great to be at back at nightcrawler. Warm-up was just my usual.

The Thang:

There were 3 stations: the benches in the woods, shelter, and rock pile near the tennis court. We went out to the benches and then back to the shelter, then to the rocks and then the shelter again. Each time we hit the shelter we did  10 bicep curls and went through a circuit of 3 exercises at the other stations, one each trip. Once we did all three, we started at the top with 5 tricep dips at the shelter. The other exercises were:

Benches: Step-Ups, Pistol Squats, Bulgarian split squats (10 HC each)

Rocks: Dead Lifts, Goblet Squats (15 each), Curtsy Lunges (10 HC)

Then we did some standing abs in the couple minutes we had left. Thanks for joining me!