It was a beautiful evening that has been giving us more hours of sunlight.


Good mornings, side/side straddle stretch followed by Bon Voyage signature twist move, toy soldiers, jump ropes, high knees, jumping jacks, downward dogs

The Thang

10 stations set up in a circle, at each station you perform it for 1 minute total. Once you finish your reps you run the full perimeter of the circle (Clockwise) until you reach the next station to your left of where you started. You had 25 seconds to get around the circle to the next station. We did this for about 1.5 circle total  everyone is doing the reps at their own pace and pushing as hard as they want.

Stations: Alternating Side kicks, Leg extension/lifts off bench, V sit-ups, One legged circles on all fours (switch half way-or when the Q tells you 🙂 , Incline push-up (clap optional), El Capitans (walking low lunge touching ground keeping chest up), Skaters, Plie/Releve (sumo squat to on toes), Tricep dips with legs straight and shoulder dip

We ended it with some Yoga-lates 10 to 20 reps each including:]

Downward Dog then adding in hip circles

Hip Dips in plank on elbows position slow

Plank opposite knee to shoulder

Corkscrew (large circle with legs in the air keeping pelvis down)

Cobra butt kicks and side to side

rolling like a ball

Open leg rocker

The Mermaid stretch