Happy Friday! We started the morning at 5:25 with lots of whining about sore muscles! At 5:30 the Q gave the disclaimer for safety, modifying and COVID.

We warmed up with some jogging in place, JJ, windmills, toy soldiers, lunge stretches, arm circles, tricep stretches and lat stretches.

The Thang:

Ring of Fire: There was an exercise that the “ring of PAX” did while a second exercised rotated around the ring of PAX. Weights were used when appropriate and able. Reps varied based on the Q’s call and the PAX’s moaning. ;0)

Ring exercises: Plank, side lunges, chest flies, flutter kicks, squats, bicep curls, American hammers, Deadlift, tricep  kickbacks, swimmers, fast feet and reverse flies.

Rotating exercises: Plank jacks, skaters, push-ups, WWII sit-ups, 1/2 burpees, weighted glut bridges, inch worms, OH press, Renegade rows, monkey humpers (some were fast and some were slow) and Mt. climbers.

We had 5 minutes left and the rain was coming, so we ended with a 3:10 ab burnout. While Proud Mary played we did WWII sit-ups and switched to flutter kicks when the chorus played.

We were blessed with a beautiful sunrise as we finished and then a full rainbow as we left the school.

Thanks for joining me, ladies. I love starting my day with laughter and a little exercise with you all! 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there!