Disclaimer/Warm Up:

Q called Good mornings but her body wanted inchworms ūü§£ can I have a do over? Toy soldiers ic¬†Arm circles/phelps then Mosey to skate park – stopping at corner to complete 5 push ups, 5 squats, 5 Jumping Jacks, continue mosey – stop at steps¬† – rinse and repeat; mosey around to baseball field, stopping to complete exercises; mosey back to parking lot

The Thang:

In honor of Frito’s birthday week, we will be doing a take off her VQ back in April

Written out in chalk on pavement: Pax completes 6 (since it’s October 6) reps of each exercise, then run pickle. Pax completes 5 reps of each exercise, run pickle, rinse and repeat down to 1

                bOy Bands Рcrisscross L over R, then R over L, squat/touch ground =1

                  Carolina Dry Docks

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Dan Taylor –¬† 1 squat + 4 lunges = 1 (repeat w/o increasing ratio)

    KangaroOs Р4 count high knee + 1 squat = 1

                  Burpees w/ push up

         MonkEy Humpers

            StaR Jumps

Q called an audible for the last 2 moseys we beat crawled around the circle 


Count off into 4 groups; each group completes 1 min sets, then rotates to next group 1 goes to 2, 2 goes to 3, 3 goes to 4,  4 goes to 1 etc until complete

1st round arms

2nd round standing abs

Group 1  hallelujahs
Group 2   Push water forward Group 3 push water backward   Group 4 small arm circles

1. Hillbillies       2. imperial walkers        3. raggedy anns  4. drunken mtn climbers   

COT: Aspens trees are single living organisms yet are identified by grouping. They have a deep embedded shared root system. Where the strong support the weak, and the nutrients are shared for the good of the group.  Sounds like FiA to me. Be an Aspen!

Name o Rama