Warmup:  slow jog around the pickle with hip openers, JJ, toy Soldiers, Seal Jacks, Butt kickers

The Thang:

3 rounds of 3 exercises – upper/lower/abs ( 50/10 rest)   followed by a 3 minute AMRAP of cardio.


Round 1 – Shoulder Press, Hip Bridge walk, Plank

Round 2 – L shoulder raises, Single Leg Hip Bridge,  Side plank

Round 3 – Rotator cuff, Single leg hip bridge, Side plank

AMRAP – 10 Burpees, 10 Jump squats, 10 Bench step ups, 10 skaters


Lets do it again –

Chest/ Quads/ weighted abs

Round 1 – Chest Press, Squat, American Hammer

Round 2 – Chest Fly , Right Leg Lunge forward and back,  Boat with weight going around legs

Round 3 – chest 4 ways, left leg lunge forward and back , straight leg full situp

Repeat AMRAP


Last time – no time for AMRAP

Back,lateral leg movements/ Abs

Round 1 – Superman, Curtsey Lunge,LBC

Round 2 – Reverse fly, L side lunge with balance, WW1 with a twist

Round 3 – Bent over row, right side lunge with balance, straight leg reverse crunch/with leg lift

Thanks for joining me. I know I ramble on talking about proper form.  Like I said, I know what the form is suppose to be but I definitely admit I may not be doing it correctly. However, saying it out loud makes me think about what I should be doing. I hope it helps you all out too!

Remember next Monday is Labor Day.  We will meet at 8am under the shelter! Workout will be 1 hour!