Last minute fill in to help out another FIA Sister means Granola goes looking for a workout to ‘recycle’ from another FIA group. 🙂

Warm-Up: THUNERSTRUCK (song) – do Jumping Jacks, High Knees or Butt Kickers during the song, drop for a Burpee anytime you hear the word ‘Thunder’. (this is a really LONG song)

Disclaimer: the warm up will be the easiest part of the workout!

The Thang: DORAs –

100 Hand Release Pushups (partner does Bear Crawl down and back under shelter)

200 Jump Squats (partner does walking lunges down and back under shelter)

300 Star Crunches (partner runs the pickle)

We were moving faster than expected tonight and finished with about 15 min left … perfect amount of time to complete each exercise for 1 min to finish the workout off.

1 min. Hand Release Push Ups

1 min. Bear Crawl

1 min. Jumping Squats

1 min. Walking Lunges

1 min Star Sit Ups

Run the pickle

We finished the workout with some stretching and name-o-rama.

Thanks for joining me ladies!