Disclaimer was given this freezing morning!

We then started a warm-up with a lap around the pickle, inch worms, wind mills, arm circles, and probably a few more things I don’t remember. 😉

The Thang:We completed 3 descending ladders of exercises. We started at 10, rotated through 4 exercises, then went straight into 9 reps and continued all the way to one rep. Between each set, there was a little cardio. All exercises were with weights except push-ups. There weren’t really any breaks between exercises or sets–just enough time to call out the next group of exercises. We had to keep those heart rates up to stay warm.

Set 1: push-ups, bicep curls, OH press and tricep press

Run the pickle

Set 2: curb squats, HC lunges, calf raises, sumo squats

Descending single leg jump rope: 50, 40, 30, 20, 10

Set 3: reverse flies, bent-over rows, chest flies and chest press

At this point we were running out of time, so we did a quick ab set of 25 full sit-ups, 25 Heels to Heaven, 25 Superman’s and 25 HC Bicycles.

That left 1 minute for COT and a quick picture.

Thanks for braving the cold with me this am!