Disclaimer & Warm up: Good mornings, inchworms w/runners stretch, arm circles/phelps, 10 JJ


The Thang: Q had to pivot due to rain yet again on a Friday! With the help of Fullback and Tag-A-Long we got it figured out!
1 min rounds followed by 1 min Pax choice cardio 

  • Lunge hold R w/ weights in hands palm up, alternating moving arms back 
  • Repeat L
  • Weight in R hand, L Knee to R elbow
  • Repeat L
  • Overhead press R balance on right leg, kick L leg out
  • Repeat L
  • Jump out, in, pause in bear hold, knees down, arnold press from knees x2
  • Squeezy Squats (squeeze paper between knees & squat)
  • Alternating Plank toe touch w/ weight
  • Diagonal Serve the platter + hold squat


Abs: 30 sec rounds

Glute bridge drive heel down, one leg moving up and down, while hold dumbbell above chest

Swap legs, repeat

Deadbug pullover – holding weights straight above chest, when leg kicks out, arm goes back (knees at 90, alternating leg/arm)

Bear pull thru’s

Tricep kickback birddog hold R

Repeat L

Hold weight Overhead & March R

Overhead March L


COT: Did I offer peace today? Did I bring a smile to someone’s face?  Did I say words of healing? Did I love? These are the real questions as we go about our days. 

Name O Rama