We did a moving warm up heading toward the exit of the park (hint hint) of toy soldiers, lunge twist, knee hugs, standing figure 4, butt kickers, skips, high knees, side shuffles.  We then moseyed out of the park to the bottom of the hill at the church parking lot for the Thang.

Deck of Delight ( deck of despair sounded so negative, so I renamed it)
Aces – sprint the hill
hearts – burpees
diamonds – shoulder taps – HC
spades –  imperial walkers – HC
clubs – sumo squats

We finished in plenty of time so we lunge walked back for a while, then jogged the rest of the way.  Grabbed our mats and circled up for abs and did 10 HC everything:
– side plank dip and lift
– hydrant to donkey kick
– ankle biters
– dead bugs
– flutter kicks

We did a few stretches and finished with COT and name o rama.  Thanks for joining me!
“If its out of your hands, it deserves freedom from your mind too” -unknown