Happy 5th FiAversary to Carpex!    Today at Nightcrawler we reminisced about the first year of Carpex 2017-2018 year.  After my disclaimer and warmup, we got down to business.

The Thang:
Our OG RL was Peachtree.  Peachtree would bring out all her equipment and set up stations for tabata.   I don’t have all the equipment.. But we had  our dumbbells and did a few of her favs that I found in backblasts.
Tabata – 20 sec work / 10 rest   8x
  1) Goblet Squats
  2) Lateral raise/front raise
  3) Brooke Burkes
  4) Carolina Drydocks / Scorpion Push ups
The Winter Olympics were in 2018. So we did some winter sports partner timed circuits.
1) Curling
       –  El Capitan lunge walks – delivering stone !!!
       –  Sweepers – Side shuffles  ( until partner finishes lunges)
2)Skiing  2x
      – 15 Ski Moguls HC
      – Ski Abs
3) Biathlon 3x ( Cross country ski and rifle shooting)
       – 25 Cross Country Skiers HC
       –  Bicep Curls  ( guns!!)
4) 15 Jump Squats ( Ski jumping) and 15 Star Jumps ( Aerial skiing)
     – Skaters
We had a few minutes for stretches and ended with Name-o-rama and COT