Yoga- inch-worm to upward /downward dog and reach to the sky x 4, foot pedal, step through, side bend stretch/triangle pose repeat other side, press ups, rolling like a ball, rotational stretch, the saw, belly kick, scissors

Standing arm hang, then flex forward and reach, low squat with hands pressed together, large forward and backward arm circles  


THANG – one minute of each with a 15 second rest inbetween tabata style

Plie squat (all the way down/up) with single arm side reach 30 sec each arm-opposite arm holding

Plie pulse with both arms out front to 90

Side kick L as far as possible, then cross leg in front (arm held out in front)

Side kick R, cross in front

Step back L lunge drive (arm overhead to knee in front)

Step back R  lunge drive

Rear leg lift to forward scale with chair L

Rear leg lift R

Rear leg lift L pulse

Rear leg lift R pulse

Downward dog R leg crunch

Downward dog L leg crunch

Side bridge crunch on knee R (touch leg down and reach overhead inbetween)

Side bridge crunch on knee L

Push up with one hip extended alternating sides (slow 2 stages)

Slow bicycle crunch

Can Can dancer (reverse plank position, knee to chest then kick up)alternating sides

Plie squat with squeeze of shoulder blades (lift arm up inbetween)

Chair squat with overhead arm lift

Dancer pop squat (arms in front, alternating bringing one out to the side while popping up)



Toe touch

Knees to chest with double toe touch

Bottom lift to legs straight alternating

Crunch and kick R/then L 30 sec each


Deep breath in overhead reach and reach to floor

Thread the needle stretch on all fours, then reach up to the sky

Hamstring stretch in ½ kneeling position

To hip flexor stretch ½ kneeling with pelvic tilt

Mermaid side bend stretch