Warm up 

Good Mornings, Inchworms, Jumping Jacks


The thang

 Plankfurter ring of fire


Mosey to the field


Run the hill 8 times – walk back down


 Taste the Rainbow on the Dam – 30 of each exercise at the cone, reduce by 10 each round for 3 rounds.  this took about 25 minutes for our fastest runners and closer to 35 for our walkers.

Red cone at bottom of stairs – Peter Parkers

Orange Cone at top of stairs – Dips

Yellow Cone halfway across dam – Skater leaps with hold

Sprint to Green Cone

Green Cone – Sparky Crabs

Blue Cone – Merkins

Purple Cone – Squats with 2 knees


Mosey back to senior center


Abs: Straight leg (prayer hands crunch), Bird Dog with crunch ( 15 of each so total of 60)






Practicing forgiveness encourages empathy and understanding not only of others but also within yourself.  Forgiving mistakes of others allows them to grow and flourish in a safe environment. The same is true for forgiving yourself…. It allows you to grow and flourish and feel safe in your own space.  

One way to practice self forgiveness is by thinking of the child you once were.  The one that lives inside you, treat that child how you would treat any child in your life.