With only 6 of us at Moneypenny, I made a last minute change and I decided it was time to resurrect the Beast. As I said that, I heard a couple moans!!!  But in the end , we all conquered it and had a fun workout!  ( I hope!)


Dynamic stretches on our way to the starting point – Toy soldiers, open gate, close gate, heel walks, toe walks, High Knees, Butt Kickers, left and right shuffle, lunge twist stretch,arm circles and then a short jog.

The Thang:

What is the beast?  6 Loops.  In each loop, stop 6 times.  At each stop, do an exercise 6 times.  When loop is complete , we would have done that exercise 36 times

With 6 of each, I asked each of our PAX to name their LOVE TO HATE exercise …

  • Fullback – Dorothys
  • Miller – Burpee
  • MaryLou – Pushup
  • Zeppelin – Lunge Jumps
  • Bon Voyage – Stairs
  • Breezy – Bear Crawls ( Burpees top her list but it was already taken!)

All laps were around the Dam Loop including the stairs. Loop is approx  1/2 mile!   We were running out of time so 6th loop was changed to a path back to our parking lot starting point(bear crawling on the way).  Total distance was 3.2 miles!!   Great job !

Did a few stretches and we were done!!

Thanks for joining me!  BTW – Because of this run, MaryLou is now a LOCAL LEGEND in Strava!!!  She will be signing autographs next week!!!  LOL!