Q- book drop 3/15

Warm up- jog to old cary library and back to entrance to library

Circuit 1- repeat 2x, 2 min break in btw

  1. Squat to overhead press- 15 reps
  2. Alternating lunges -15 reps, alt sides
  3. Kneeling core twist & press, stay in kneeling position with 1 weight- 15 reps
  4. Push ups -15 reps
  5. Chest fly- 10 reps

Circuit 2- repeat 2x

  1. Plank row – 10 reps/side
  2. Sumo squat with upright row- 15 reps (raise to under chin)
  3. Bent over row to triceps kickback- 15 reps
  4. Alternating toe touch (no weight)- 15 reps, alt sides
  5. Weighted squat jump (dumbbell doesn’t move)- 15 reps

Stretching Routine

Hamstrings, quads, chest opener bend, it band, downward dog, runners lunge, lunge with reach abs twist, kneeling quad stretch, etc