Disclaimer & Warm Up: good mornings, world’s greatest stretch, arm circles/phelps, jog the pickle

Pax circled up while Q explained The Thang: it’s a recycled workout =  SUP’s 44th bday Q. It meshed perfectly with today’s date, the first day of the 4th month! It’s also April Fools Day so we started w/ a dad joke before we started our traveling accumulator loop

“In every Koi pond of four or more at least one is always fake. You’ve got koi’s A, B, C, and then the D koi” 

Stop 1 Recycling Center 4 burpees
Stop 2  Ropes Course Shelter +4 push ups
Stop 3 Bottom of Staircase +4 shoulder taps HC

Run stairs 4 x up/down=1

Stop 4  Top of Staircase +4 tricep dips
Stop 5  Halfway to Kiosk +4 monkey humpers
Stop 6 Kiosk +4 squats

Follow the yellowbrick rd up the hill jog back down

Stop 7  Amphitheater +4 Dan Taylors 

1 squat:4 lunges, 2 squats: 8 lunges, etc

Stop 8 Kiwanis Shelter +4 curtsy lunges HC
Stop 9 Corner +4 Hallelujahs
Stop 10 Community Center +4 Imperial Walkers HC
Stop 11 Back to Senior Center +4 Raggedy Anns HC

This took us up to the very end of the hour! Pax was glad to not have to do what Q had planned for abs 😉 

COT: One way to reclaim time: the best productivity app on your phone is called  Airplane Mode. Would you rather: multitask for 6 unfocused hours or work 4 laser focused hours and get all important tasks done? The choice is yours – @systemsunday