Warm up: Good mornings & Toy Soldiers 10 oyo; Arm/shoulder warm up; Run to the church parking lot

The Thang:

Q had everyone lined up in the parking lot for Crisco’s BlackJack: Starting on one curb, complete 11 jump squats, bear crawl to opposite curb, complete 10 burpees, lunge walk back. Continue ascending squats and descending burpees until we get to 20/1

(Total: 55 burpees/155 jump squats)

Arms: Complete 1 min sets; rotate exercise

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Sparky Crabs Push Ups Dips

Ran back to the park for standing abs

Hillbillies- 30

Elbow to knee then fingers to toes- 30

Thanks for coming out ladies!