Gathered under the shelter to warm up and introduced the exercises and plan.

60 sec on – 30 sec on – 15 sec rest, 2 rounds
Step ups – lunge jumps
SL squats – jump squats
elevated bridges – skaters
push ups – plyo push ups
dips – butt kickers with row
dry docks – march with hallelujahs

45 sec on, 10 sec rest, 2 rounds
SL RDL hold with Y’s
SL RDL hold (other side) with T’s
reverse snow angel
prone WY

Core was 45 sec on, 10 sec rest of
Side plank with dip and leg lift
other side
Donkey kick – fire hydrant
other side
Boat hold
American hammers

Finished with Name-O-Rama, thanks for joining me this morning!