We started with the disclaimer & a quick warmup of good mornings, inchworm walkouts & world’s greatest stretch in the deck, then we moseyed to the front of the Cary Arts Center.

In front of the Arts Center, Frito explained the workout – “grinders” (as I read on the FiA Cape Fear backblasts) – and we continued our warm up by practicing a few reps each of the exercises to make sure everyone knew the moves, including single leg deadlifts with knee to chest, forward lunges with a twist, X-jumps (in cadence!!), crab kicks (although apparently Zeppelin & Fixer Upper thought Frito said “crab cakes”!), and boat to canoe.

Then, pax counted off into 3 groups and began the “grinders”.  Group #1 traveled from the Cary Arts Center (“Site A”) down to the old library site (“Site B”) and began an exercise (written on a stack of index cards left at Site B).  While Group #1 traveled, Group #2 and Group #3 began an exercise at Site A (written on a stack of index cards left there).  When Group #1 arrived at their destination, Group #2 headed to Site B, and when they arrived Group #1 returned to Site A, and Group #3 then traveled to Site B, etc.

Each time a group arrived at the site, they did a new exercise (repeating as many times as time allowed) – visiting each site 4 times and doing each exercise set, and then all pax returned to Site A.  The exercises were (reps often equal either 9 or 27 since today is 9/27!):

Site A:

  1. side shuffle + squat jumps
  2. 20 crab kicks + 7 boat to canoe
  3. 3 single leg deadlift + knee to chest – right leg, 3 single leg deadlift + knee to chest – left leg, 3 burpees
  4. 9 Carolina dry docks + 18 X-jumps

Site B:

  1. 10 tricep dips + 17 Hallelujahs
  2. forward lunges with a twist (alternating sides)
  3. squat + side leg lift (alternating sides)
  4. 22 imperial walkers + 5 pushups

After the grinders, pax did a 9/27 planks circuit – which included 9 segments of 27 second plank-related exercises.  Frito had a timer ready and we did the following moves for 27 seconds each (total is approx 4.5 minutes including 3 second transition time between moves):

  1. side plank right – knee to elbow
  2. side plank left – knee to elbow
  3. mountain climbers
  4. side plank right – arm crunches under your chest
  5. side plank left – arm crunches under you chest
  6. low plank saw (shift forward over elbows and then backwards towards heels)
  7. side plank right – hip dips
  8. side plank left – hip dips
  9. Brooke Burkes (low plank hip dips alternating side to side)

Frito shared the COT and we did name-o-rama.  Thanks for joining on this beautiful fall day!!