We were counting down 2023 and heading into 2024 in this workout.  Our warm-up was the countdown portion with:

10 Jumping Jacks

9 Good Mornings

8 Toy Soldiers

7 High Knees

6 Butt Kickers

5 Windmills

4 Potato/Cherry Pickers

3 Inchworms

2 Worlds Greatest Strecth

1 Sun Saluation

The Thang:  Tabata Style workout of 2 exercises for each of the 12 months with 24 working seconds on each exercise repeated 3 times.

January:  Squats & Narrow Squats

February: Single Leg RDL R & L

March:  Lateral Lunge with Row R&L

April: Chest Press & Narrow Chest Press with Skull Crusher

May:  Single Leg Bridge R&L

June: Bicep Curl & Tricep Kickback

July:  Sir Charles (hammer curl, wings, T and down) and Overhead Press

August:  Single leg heel tap with weight and Bear Hover with weight pass back

September:  American Hammers and Ab Circle with weight passed around legs

October:  Row with Triple pulse and Tricep kickback with triple pulse

November: Fire Hydrants/ Donkey Kicks R&L

December:  240 seconds total of 12 exercises for 10 sec each repeated twice:  Arm Circles Forward, Arm Circles Backward, Arms In Front Circles Inward, Arms In Front Circles Outward,  Hands Overhead Pulsing, Large Overhead Claps, Scissors in Front, Swim Forward, Swim Backward, Roof Raise, Shoulder Shrugs and Funky Chickens

Closed with 5 minutes of stretching.  Thanks for joining me!