Started with a picture of our costumes and then got to work after the disclaimer and warm up – JJ, sumo squat stretch, quad stretch and buttkickers, knee to chest high knees.

We went on a theme of costumes in different burpee variations. Format was 10 burpees, themed movement across the lot, run the pickle and back to mat for 10 reps of a core exercise. Rinse and repeat with the next “costume”

  1. Flamingo burpees (SL) – SL hops – crawl to sit thru 
  2. Speed skater burpee – moving skaters – push up plus to down dog 
  3. Alligator burpees (low crawl) – bent arm crawl – bananas HC
  4. Captain Jack’s burpees (jacks at top and bottom) – jumping jacks – high side plank glutes: lifts, circles, curls HC
  5. Grasshopper burpees (lateral hop) – lateral hops – side plank dip with reach under rotation
  6. Gorilla burpees  (wide and low) – hand-feet hop/swing – reverse snow angels 
  7. Spiderman burpees (peter parker push up and tuck jump) – lunge walk – 80/20 bridges 

Finished with pax choice abs and some stretches and name o rama. Thanks for joining me! Happy Halloween!