Today was split between cardio and core.    We first moseyed over to the stairs for 7s.     Ran a a single lap of 666 .. Then back to the parking lot for core.

JJ , arm circles, phelps , toy soldiers, good mornings, Butt kickers

The Thang:
Our mosey to the stairs consisted of a jog, side shuffles, karaoke , open/close gates.

Top of stairs: 2 jacks with overhead punches followed by 2 jabs
Bottom of stairs:  Lateral lunge – reverse lunge – single lunge jump – repeat on other side

Next:   166 –  1 lap  ( up the stairs , along lake and back to stairs)  We stopped 6 times and each time did 6 skaters.

Then back to parking lot to get our mats for a 20 minute core session..
It was broken down to 4 circuits.
1.    upper abs   – diff variation of LBCs
2.    obliques –  variations of bicycle, opposite elbow to knee
3.    lower abs –  Leg hovers and raises
4.    back  –   swimmer and supermans

We ended with a bunch of stretches and name-o-rama.