We gathered and then moseyed to the front of the art center.  Did a warmup and explained the Thang.

45 sec on/15 sec rest, 4 exercises each set and in between sets ran up the stairs and down the ramp.

plank tap outs
Mt climbers
thread the needle

imperial squat walker
toy soldiers
raggedy anns

sparky crabs
plank up/downs
decline shoulder taps
push ups/tricep combo (3 each back and forth)

donkey kicks
elevated bridge march – feet up
elevated bridge march – shoulders up

front foot elevated lunge
split squat
step up
fig 4 SL squat
(stayed all on R, then switched all on left)

Finished up with Captain Thors (up to 8/32) before we ran out of time and moseyed back for COT and name o rama

“I can’t prevent the storms from coming but I can decide not to invent my own”  – Emily P Freeman